1Does the Dalmatia Premium travel planning include arrival and departure?
No, arrival and departure is not included.
2Is it possible to cancel booked services?
Cancellation conditions depend on the local partners. Please feel free to contact us.
3What is the average worth of living costs in Croatia?
Living costs vary depending on the location. VAT also differs.
4When is the best time to travel to Dalmatia?
– Peak season: June–August
– Off-peak season: May, September–October

5What is the best way to travel to Dalmatia?
The most comfortable and fastest way to travel to Dalmatia is by plane. Dalmatia has three international airports: Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik. Due to the well-developed motorway network it is also recommended to travel by car. When travelling from Italy you can reach Dalmatia also by ferry.
6Are there safety notes for Croatia?
The level of crime in Croatia is very low and the political situation is stable.
7Are there border controls in Croatia?
Yes, there are border controls when crossing the Schengen external borders. Despite being part of the EU, Croatia is not yet part of the Schengen Agreement.
8What is the national currency of Croatia?
The national currency is called Kuna (HRK). Below you will find a currency converter:

9Are there compulsory vaccinations for Croatia?
For entering Croatia are no compulsory vaccinations required.
10How is medical care in Croatia?
In lager cities basic medical care is provided in hospitals. The general emergency number is 112.
11What language is spoken in Croatia?
The national language of Croatia is Croatian, but communication in English (also often in German or Italian) is possible without any problems, too.
12Is it easy to reach the islands in Croatia?
Yes. Due to the well-developed ferry network the islands are easy to reach, especially in summer months. Below you will find the largest transport companies with car ferries and passenger ships: