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enjoyment without worries

Tell us what your trip to Croatia should look like:

  • When would you like to travel to Croatia and how long do you want to stay?

  • Which special places or activities interest you?

  • What is your budget for this time?

  • What should you accommodation look like?

  • Are there any important aspects we should consider when planning your trip?

We will gladly present you an initial concept and then go on planning your trip according to your individual wishes and ideas. 

Would you gain to an insight into our Dalmatia Premium highlights?

In order that you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday in Dalmatia to the fullest, we at Dalmatia Premium are always at your disposal with our all-round carefree service. No matter whether you are looking for the perfect dinner spot, professional care for your dog or a proven medical specialist – we will be happy to arrange it for you. Anytime. 

Thus, some of the following questions may arise not only before, but also during a journey: 

  • Where's the best place to eat?

  • Where can I get a good cup of coffee while watching the sunrise?

  • Where can I get to know the original Dalmatia off the beaten tourist track?

  • Where do I find the most beautiful islands and secret bays?

At the same time sudden unexpected situations can also occur:

  • What do I have to do if may child steps into an urchin?

  • What should I do if I have a toothache?

  • Is there a dog sitter at hand if I want to make a spontaneous excursion?

Thanks to our large network of partners, we will find an answer to these – and all your other questions – before, during and also after your trip.

Dalmatia Premium is a brand of the business company Asper Consult d.o.o., which is a specialist in the following areas: 

  • Business formation

  • questions concerning business law

  • advising on the purchase or sale of real estate



  • culinary highlight

    Visit the best restaurants in Split and become your own star chef – from shopping at regional markets to sophisticated preparation. 

  • peak conqueror
    Discover the most beautiful sides of Split from a bird's eye view on Mount Marjan – also together with your dog.

  • centre of possibilities

    Start your individual day trips from Split – whether by foot, bike, car or on the water.

  • Fascinating past

    Experience the historical district of Split first-hand.